Who are we?

Silvaapis is a family owned company, established in 1992. Our core business is exporting all kind of wooden products. Our main markets are Scandinavian markets and western European markets, but we export also to other parts of the world like Japan, South Africa and USA.

Our activity is based as a part of a cluster. Silvaapis is a commercial part of this cluster, productions (some of them are also partly owned by us) have a role of production units of this cluster. We have excellent relationships with our production suppliers, high technical and developing skills, highly developed flexibility, reliability and quality and excellent overwiev of production facilities in the region.

Custom products

Solid wooden plates
Elements and semiproducts
Finalized products

Official information

Firm name of the Company: SILVAAPIS posredovanje, uvoz in izvoz d.o.o.
Abbreviated Firm name: SILVAAPIS d.o.o. Ljubljana
Registered office of the Company: ULICA PADLIH BORCEV 31, LJUBLJANA
Branch Office Ljubljana: ULICA PADLIH BORCEV 31, LJUBLJANA
Registration number: 5576261
VAT ID number: SI20080000
TRR: SI56 0317 1100 0684 705 SKB d.d
Company is registered with: Ljubljana District Court
Capital: 71.492 Eur
Director of the Company: Matjaž Šivic